Jun. 22nd, 2008

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This is a continuing review section of the new 4e rules. There is a running score sheet at the end, and links to previous review sections, but the bulk is under the cut, to spare your flist view.

These are also kept unlocked.

DMG: Preliminaries and Tactical GM Rules )

So at this point, I grade things as follows:

  • General Advice: B (Nothing brilliant, nothing bad, but nothing I need.)
  • Non-combat Encounters: A (I think this is as good as it can be, and makes me more positive about the PHB in retrospect)
  • Combat Encounters: B+ (I think my B+ is predicated on using the rules a little differently than they're intended, but good tools are always used in ways that surprise the maker.)

I'm honestly surprised at how positive I came away from this section. But really, that whole extended skill challenge thing looks nifty, and actually useful as a higher level tool for me, as a GM, to help sketch out sessions and pace my games. It's simple enough, even, that if the PCs do something unorthodox but that seems difficult, I could probably wing my way through one unprepared.

The Combat encounters has a similar feel, as being a set of guidelines to actually help me, as GM, achieve the effects I want, including smaller combats if that's what my group wants, and including combats that are more than slugfests if that's what I want.

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